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I have a Ph.D in Ass Kickery


Joe Funker, etc.
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abandoned buildings, affirmative blacktion, appoh juice, arms akimbo, beechwass, being a landlubber, bread boy, breadboy, british royal intellegence transmitter, cheese lips, da bread boy, dave's sandwiches, dexter's a cookie, dexter's secret, dire concequences, doom and kmfdm, doom and trenchcoats, drainers, exploring sewers, interests no one has, jake gilbert, jello-legs, jesus raps, kmfdm and doom, landlubbers, leftover crack, mocking failed inventions, my pocket watch, myspace hate, nerd burritos, nigga nog, nukka jooce, old doom, olddoomdotcom, overloading interests, patronizing little children, plantaganda, quake 2, rants, rush, scene blows my nads, sewers, slut hatred, smash that shit, snuffy, soggy scabs, suckin non titz, the bread boy, the breadboy, the florida everglades, the ol power plant, trenchcoats and doom, urban exploration, watm, we are the mainstream, worms and plastic minnows, yo bread boy, yo breadboy